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Chores have never looked so good! The camera goes down Brooke Marks' blouse as her cleavage swings her nipples into view. After several minutes of teasing, we get the most revealing footage of Brooke's breasts EVER as she stands up and lets the camera lift up her shirt. There's nothing between the camera and her free-swinging boobs. As if that wasn't enough, Brooke then wets her sheer panties down and her pussy is on full display.

After tipping a twenty to THIS house cleaner, your trashcan might still be full and your tub still grimy - but she will help you empty your balls and splooge your floor. The view of her “coinslot” makes it worth every penny for collectors of Brooke Marks. Anyone who's lived with hot girls knows this secret: when they think there aren't many boys around, they'll clean the house wearing as little as possible. As the sun goes down the sheer blouse and bottoms come off, and three camera HD set-up captures a long striptease that's both slippery AND slippy.


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