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    Default I want to buy adult links

    Hello there!
    I've been working with one of the biggest companies in virtual gambling business for almost 6 years. Lately, we have started to actively work on posting links to English-speaking (and some other European) sites for casinos and adult webcams, so Im looking for partners in this field. The client has not yet decided exactly what type of links he will need, so I need you to present me your offers about following things point-by-point:

    1. Links in existing articles about webcams and casinos. If you can insert links in existing articles, please list the available sites.
    2. Publication of articles about webcams and casinos. In this point, we provide our own texts for publishing.
    3. Publication of articles on the sites belonging to following countries: UK, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Bulgary, Poland, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Georgia, Czech.
    4. Site-wide links for webcam and casino sites.

    Please specify the price for each type of links. The ordering client is choosing a partner for a long-term partnership, and if your offer satisfies him, you can count on getting an order every month for at least $1000. He will need to review it point-by-point, so please, in order to save us all time, present your offer as per requirements. Or tell me how I can contact you via email or skype so we can discuss it further.

    Thank you in advance. Im looking forward to starting our cooperation.

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    Why dont you come to the Gaelic WWW COnference 2016? You will meet many international adult webmasters there.

    We are proud to announce that on 21. - 23. June 2016 the first international webmaster event in Ireland is coming.

    The updated attendees list is online now: gaelicwwwconference dot com

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    i dont have 1000$

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    Hello, we should speak for sure
    skype fruitboertje

    Awaiting your response
    Convert your mobile traffic with BrokerBabe.com
    I am your affiliate manager, Harry, and available 24/7 on Skype
    mail: harry@brokerbabe.com

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    There are lot of company that sels adult link selling mostly by Adult Ad Networks.

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    Default I want to buy adult links

    For CPM you can take popunders from Ad Maven, they work well with adult content.

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    I can help you with the seo,we do link building too.

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    what links you think do work properly for adult?

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    Default I want to buy adult links

    Yes Ofcousre. Nofollow links from relevant and quality sites matters alot. Just you need to check is the website relevant to your business? And site Page Authority and Domain Authority

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    Default I want to buy adult links

    Yes, nofollow is not followed by search engine but through nofollow links you can get huge traffic so if you want traffic for your site then you can use nofollow links also.


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